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V1.2.4.1 with many improvements and Monza DLC

(MST / Speedmaniacs.de) – Late on Saturday evening, Reiza Studios released version for Automobilista 2. Together with the big monthly update, the Monza DLC was also released, which is available for 8.99 EUR and starting with the current GP version of the route through the route variants Junior, 1971 GP, 1971 Junior, 1971 10 km, 1971 10 km without chicane as well as 1991 GP layouts contains some historical variants.

A major update has just been released for AMS2

The number of improvements is also extensive, starting with the AI, spreading over the user interface and the real weather system as well as various revisions to vehicle graphics, audio and physics across all areas. Something is missing in the V1.2.4.1: The previously widely announced BMW 2002 Turbo has been postponed. The free vehicle is to be added to the racing simulation in a supplementary update next week.

The changes from V1.2.3.0 to V1.2.4.1 can be viewed below as usual.

Automobilista 2 – V1.2.4.1 Changelog:
-Added Monza featuring Modern GP, ​​Junior, 1971 GP, 1971 Junior, 1971 10Km, 1971 10Km without chicane, 1991 GP layouts (all part of the Monza DLC Package)

-Added support for Thrustmaster SF1000
-Implemented Real Weather API for 5 days in the past and 4 days in the future from today
-Improved status messages related to real / historic weather availability
-Fixed real historic weather for circuits that lay in half-hourly timezones
-Real Weather now uses real / forecast data for wind speeds.
-Added Real Weather databases for Monza and Salvador
-Updated recent historic weather data for all other locations
-Fixed error in Curitiba Real Weather that was causing weather data to not be found by the game
-Fixed valid weather API response failing to parse in some cases
-Fixed a case where a weather API call wouldn’t be made when it should
-Fixed Championship Editor not persisting mandatory stop setting correctly

UI and HUD
-Reorganized and refreshed session overview and pre-event leaderboards to increase number of rows and allow grouping by class.
-All in-game environment information (time / temp etc) is now updated live on all screens.
-Added event session information, current vehicle set-up, and current pit strategy to session overview and pre-event screens.
-Fixed lobby page starting in wrong state
-Fixed Per Vehicle FFB input on Set-up screen not capturing mouse movement
-Fixed pedal bar overlap on telemetry HUD
-Adjusted loading screens to show real weather icon when appropriate

-Further minor tire tread adjustments for GT3, GTE, StockV8, F-Ultimate F-Reiza, F-V12, F-Classic, DPi and P1 cars
-StockV8 2019: Minor aero revision
-F-Ultimate: Added custom track ERS maps optimizing boost for straights in all GP layouts
-Corrected extreme weather tire tread for F-Reiza and F-Ultimate
-Ultima GTR Race: Revised default set-up
-Adjusted parked FFB forces for several cars to reduce rattling while standing still
-Increased default steering lock setting for several cars with high steering rotation

-Improved AI overtaking logic
-Improved AI behavior when behind a slower car in Practice / Qualifying sessions.
-Adjusted AI lateral movements for smoother / more natural reactions
-Decreased AI performance in 70-100% strength range
-Improved AI blue flag behavior
-Adjusted AI brake power and grip
-Various adjustments to AI overtaking parameters
-AI corner and straightline callibration passes
-Adjusted AI wet launch performance for GTs and F-Ultimate
-Taruma: Adjusted AI line to keep AI from leaving the track at T7 entry
-Fixed duplicated F-Ultimate driver (Patrice Daigneau)
-Minor GT Classics AI adjustment

-Updated grass roll sample
-Fixed issue where skidding on grass at high speed could trigger tarmac skidding sounds
-F_Ultimate: Fixed missing exhaust sound for local reverb
-Opala (all variants): Fixed missing startup sounds.
-Passat HC: fixed low RPM sound mixing
-F-Retro: Adjusted startup sound
-F-Classic G2M1: Improved sound loops, fixed missing startup sound
-Montana: fixed missing startup sound
-Fixed recently introduced issue with interior engine sound on late 70’s DFV engined formulas and polished some loops
-Porsche RSR ’74: polished all engine loops
-Clean C9 Increased backfire off throttle, polished some loops
-BMW M1 Procar: Polished all engine loops

-Montreal: Minor LOD adjustments
-Various 3D crowd LOD adjustments
-Hockenheim 1988 GP / Short: Moved rolling start location

-F-Vintage (all models): Detached the cockpit gear shift; Adjusted the driver feet position on cockpit view; Adjusted hand animations during gear changes
-Mini JCW UK: Detached cockpit gear shifter; Adjusted hand animations during gear changes
-Iveco Truck: Added driver animations; Fixed cockpit camera; Detached cockpit gear shifter; Fixed driver outfit assignment.
-ARC Camaro: Added dirt / damage texture; Added dangling damaged parts; Changed the driver model; Detached the gear shifter on the cockpit; Adjusted the driver shifting animation; Revised collision models; Changed wiper position and Changed the bonnet model to allow the bonnet to be detached when damaged; Added the inner bonnet bits on cockpit view; Merged the boot with the rear wing; Adjusted the cockpit view to match the driver model position; Changed the cockpit interior to make room for the driver legs; fixed driver LODs; Fixed cockpit rear view camera
-Metalmoro AJR: Fixed missing gear indicator in LCD display
-Stock Cruze and Corolla 2021: Added livery overrides
-Porsche RSR 74: Fixed cockpit steering wheel’s pivot position
-F309: Fixed RPM lights
-MetalMoro AJR: New display layout; Fixed car thumbnails
-BMW M8 GTE: Corrected rpm lights
-Ginneta G40 GT5 / CUP: Add gauges glow
-Corvette C3: Added gauges lights

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