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Racing USA Pt2 extension and V1.3.1.0 ready

(MST / – Together with the update V1.3.1.0, Reiza Studios has released the Racing USA Pt2 expansion for Automobilista 2. While further optimizations of a general nature and improvements to the user interface, physics and AI are carried out with the update, the Racing USA Pt2 expansion is the first game content dedicated to the golden age of American single-seater racing and various vehicles from Reynards, Swifts and Lola Bringing Indycars and Champ Cars from the 1990s to life together with three street courses.

AMS2 now also has this single seater from North America to offer

The vehicles will form their own category in the game as “Formula USA” and will be divided into three generations. It starts with the Gen2 vehicles of the 1995 Indycar season. Specifically, these are the Reynard 98i, Swift 009c and Lola T98 as well as Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport Circuit and Watkins Glen International (4 layouts).

If the development studio adheres to the originally communicated plan, the remaining vehicles – Formula USA Gen1 with Reynard 95i and Lola T95, Formula USA Gen3 with Reynard 2Ki and Lola B2K / 00 – as well as the third track will be available shortly before Christmas 2021. After the final licensing details have been clarified, the secret of the third race course has now been revealed: It is Road America.

Automobilista 2 – V1.3.1.0 Changelog:
-Added Cleveland Burke Lakefront airport circuit (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)
-Added Watkins Glen International (4 layouts) (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)

-Added Reynard 98i, Swift 009C, Lola T98 to Formula USA Gen2 class (part of the Racin´ USA Pt2 DLC pack)

-Optimized FFB / custom script performance
-Further revisions to shadow cascading parameters
-Revised AI suspension rates to minimize some cars appearing to “jitter” in online races (as prediction netcode for human opponents in multiplayer uses those same AI parameters)
-Fixed selection issues in Custom AI grids feature
-Further adjustments to shadow cascading parameters

UI and HUD
-Added engine displacement, weight distribution, wheelbase specs to vehicle browser and loading screen
-Added driver flag to pre / post session leaderboards
-Fixed online rating regulations options being visible in single player.
-Fixed stretched fuel icon on session overview screen
-Fixed stretched flag textures on nationality selection screen
-Fixed aspect ratio of loading screen vehicle render
-Adjusted mouse activation zones on monitor screen
-Updated credits list

-Minor tire tread revisions to GTE, GT3, F-V10 G1, F-V10 G2, F-Reiza, Super V8
-Revised rain tires for all classes; Increased slick dropoff in wet for GT cars
-Further fine-tuning for ABS system
-F-Trainer AI Calibration pass
-Revised rain tires; Increased slick dropoff in wet for GT cars
-Added wet and hard compounds for F-USA G2; medium and revised hard for F-ultimate
-Adjusted helper spring rates for Porsches Cup, GT3-R and RSR GTE
-Updated SuperV8 suspension (reducing jump mass), revised splitter aero
-Revised AI suspension parameters should minimize issues with AI potentially rolling or bouncing off high curbs on some tracks

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