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Overview of drivers, teams and driver changes

(Motorinformed.com) – The Moto3 class as the entry-level class in the motorcycle world championship will be given a partially new look for the 2022 season. Two teams disappear, namely Gresini and Petronas. Nevertheless, the starting field has increased compared to 2021, because three new teams have been registered: MSI, MTA and VisionTrack.

In the Moto3 field there will be three new teams in 2022, while two will disappear

15 teams with two drivers each mean a field of 30 drivers for the Moto3 season 2022. Twelve of the 30 drivers are rookies and therefore not only newcomers to the Moto3 class, but also newcomers to the motorcycle world championship as a whole.

The twelve rookies are Daniel Holgado (Ajo), Matteo Bertelle and Elia Bartolini (both Avintia), David Munoz and David Salvador (both BOE), Joel Kelso (CIP Green Power), Mario Aji and Taiyo Furusato (both Team Asia), Diogo Moreira (MSI), Ivan Ortola (MTA) as well as Scott Ogden and Joshua Whatley (both VisionTrack). The majority of the twelve Moto3 rookies in 2022 come from the Rookies Cup, which is held as part of the motorcycle world championship.

Not rookies, but drivers who change teams in the Moto3 class from 2021 to 2022 are: Xavier Artigas (from Leopard to Prüstel), Tatsuki Suzuki (from SIC58 to Leopard), Riccardo Rossi (from BOE to SIC58), Stefano Nepa (from BOE to MTA), Adrian Fernandez (from Max Racing Team to Tech 3), Ayumu Sasaki (from Tech 3 to Max Racing Team), John McPhee (from Petronas to Max Racing Team), Ryusei Yamanaka (from Prüstel to MSI ) and Carlos Tatay (from Avintia to Prüstel).

The Prüstel team stationed at the Sachsenring will not only rely on two new riders in 2022, but also on a new motorcycle brand. Instead of KTM, you drive in the new season CFMoto. As with Husqvarna, however, these are KTM bikes that have been given a different name for marketing reasons.

Teams and drivers for the Moto3 season 2022

Ajo (KTM): Jaume Masia, Daniel Holgado *
Aspar (GasGas): Sergio Garcia, Izan Guevara
Leopard (Honda): Dennis Foggia, Tatsuki Suzuki
Tech 3 (KTM): Deniz Öncü, Adrian Fernandez
Avintia (KTM): Matteo Bertelle *, Elia Bartolini *
Max (Husqvarna): John McPhee, Ayumu Sasaki
Snipers (Honda): Andrea Migno, Alberto Surra
Prüstel (CFMoto): Xavier Artigas, Carlos Tatay
BOE (KTM): David Munoz *, David Salvador *
CIP (KTM): Kaito Toba, Joel Kelso *
SIC58 (Honda): Lorenzo Fellon, Riccardo Rossi
Asia (Honda): Mario Aji *, Taiyo Furusato *
MSI (KTM): Ryusei Yamanaka, Diogo Moreira *
MTA (KTM): Stefano Nepa, Ivan Ortola *
VisionTrack (Honda): Scott Ogden *, Joshua Whatley *

* Rookie

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