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Is a brand playing for the Norisring finals?

( – “In the past, when we already had seasons with success weights, we planned something that would not be so good on the weekend before Norisring. Because we knew: ‘Otherwise we would get problems at the Norisring. ‘”That is what Timo Scheider says in the’ ran-racing podcast ‘with a view to the championship fight in 2021 and his own time in the DTM.

In the DTM title fight this year, it’s the details that make the difference

The subject of “Success weights at the Norisring” is particularly sensitive, because the street circuit in Nuremberg is not just the season’s highlight this season, but also the season finale at the same time. And right now everything looks like an exciting four-way championship battle between Liam Lawson (Ferrari), Marco Wittmann (BMW), Kelvin van der Linde (Audi) and Maximilian Götz (Mercedes-AMG).

So four different drivers from four different brands can still have realistic hopes for the title. That is additional explosive behind the scenes. Especially since there is always loud speculation that AF-Corse-Ferrari likes to play with the BoP classification, most recently by three-time champion Rene Rast.

DTM 2021: Götz in the title fight with the perspective?

HRT Mercedes driver Maximilian Götz talks about his goals and his tick with the glasses. More DTM videos

Under the conditions provided by the current DTM regulations, it would therefore be quite possible that there would be a lot of poker on Hockenheim Sunday and / or Norisring Saturday. Because in Article 40.13 it is stated: “The named success weight is only to be placed in the following race by the respective applicant in the respective vehicle.”

Timo Scheider: Why every kilo counts at the Norisring

One of the title candidates could therefore be content with fourth or fifth place in order not to have to start the finale at the Norisring with a weight handicap. As a reminder: The winner of a race has to start the next run with 25 additional kilos, the runner-up at 18 and the third-placed at 15.

Success weights had previously played an important and political role in the DTM until they were abolished at the end of 2017. Why was it that the Audi warehouse on the respective race weekend in front of the Norisring didn’t seem to be full of power? Scheider provides a comprehensible explanation for this approach.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about performance. If you know you will come to the track at some point where you have problems with the braking temperature anyway, where you have problems with acceleration, braking and tire wear, then every kilo is what you do Accelerating and braking are an issue, “said the 2008/2009 DTM champion.

Lucas Auer wins the Sunday DTM race in Assen. The compact highlights can be seen here.

“The Norisring has always been a special challenge,” emphasizes Scheider. He cites the pit stops in the GT3 DTM as an example: “You stand there longer than in the past in the DTM. The brake fluid can start to boil.”

Only one GT3 race in the history of the Norisring

“Then you pull out and the brake pedal is soft because there is air in the brakes. Those are things that those with the GT3 car don’t know about yet, and certainly not with such a crowd at the Norisring.” In the past there were only two GT3 races on the street circuit in Nuremberg.

In 2008 the ADAC GT Masters started in Monaco in Franconia. The duos Dominik Schwager / Klaus Ludwig (Corvette) and Tim Bergmeister / Marc Basseng (Porsche) won the two races in the DTM supporting program. Driving GT3 cars at the Norisring is therefore uncharted territory for all drivers in the current field.

These are all ingredients for a dramatic championship decision in the 2021 DTM season. Everything is possible in the battle for the title four races before the end. Lawson, Wittmann, van der Linde or Götz: Who will fumble out their opponents in the end, and by what means? That’s the big question to ask before the final double header.

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