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Are e-fuels preventing an electric Superbike World Championship?

( – The end of the combustion engine is approaching. Or not? In the automotive sector, the trend towards electrically powered vehicles is clear. In the case of motorcycles, on the other hand, there are still no clear intentions to go purely electrically in the near future.

The more than 20 WSBK bikes provide an impressive background noise

Even after three years, MotoE is clearly overshadowed by MotoGP, which wants to future-proof itself thanks to e-fuels (more information). And what about the Superbike World Championship?

Will the combustion superbikes disappear sooner or later? “Why should that be?” Asks FIM Technical Director Scott Smart in an exclusive interview with ‘’. Smart can well imagine that the motorcycle industry will take a different path than the passenger car sector. He sees an alternative in synthetic fuels, which will also be used in MotoGP in the future.

Scott Smart doubts that the days of combustion engines are already numbered Zoom

“Synthetic fuels are not new. There are intensive developments in this area. It is quite easy to replace the previous fuel with synthetic fuels. A current internal combustion engine can be operated with synthetic fuels with minor modifications. Then the emissions are very low. So yes, there is hope for the combustion engine,” says the FIM technical director confidently.

“You also have to realize that motorcycles are always a little behind. If you look at the EU directives, you can see that the motorcycle sector has more time,” explains Scott Smart, who is not particularly convinced that electric vehicles have the answers for everyone deliver problems.

E-vehicles do not have a completely green balance sheet

“An EV is green when you run it. But the production, for example, is anything but environmentally friendly. I’m thinking of the lithium for the batteries. That does have an impact on the environment,” notes Scott Smart.

The current superbikes (photo: Kawasaki ZX-10RR) are significantly lighter than e-bikes Zoom

If the MotoGP with its prototypes or the Superbike World Championship with its closeness to series production were the pioneers, should there be a trend towards electric motorcycles in the coming years? “It’s like asking if the chicken came first or the egg came first,” jokes Scott Smart.

Photos: Ducati V21L: First test of the MotoE machine!

“If all manufacturers produce high-performance sports motorcycles that are electric, then we will be driving high-performance sports motorcycles here,” expects the Technical Director of the Superbike World Championship. “But so far there are no plans that go in this direction. Not even in the middle class segment are there such tendencies.”

“There’s still a long way to go before we see a lightweight, high-performance sportbike because the batteries are so heavy,” expects Scott Smart. “Of course, in five or six years it could look very different, but I don’t know. I think it’s nice to have a bit of sound on the racetrack.”

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