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A change of DTM tire manufacturer has that much influence

(Motorinformed.com) – On which tires will the DTM field start in 2022? This question was recently raised by ‘Motorinformed.com’. Only for the past season did they switch from Hankook to Michelin tires, but now a comeback for the South Koreans is once again possible.

A new tire manufacturer could shake up the DTM field

But a change would logically have consequences. Teams and drivers would have to adapt again, both in terms of set-up and in terms of driving style. This will inevitably lead to winners and losers and reminds double champion Timo Scheider of his active time in the DTM.

Flashback: It was November 19, 2010 when news caused a sensation in the DTM world. “Hankook will replace Dunlop as a tire manufacturer in 2011,” was the headline ‘Motorinformed.com’ at the time. That turned out to be bad news for Scheider. In the ‘ran-racing podcast’ he describes in detail how this change affected him.

“I remember when the DTM switched from Dunlop to Hankook tires, I had a huge problem. Why? Because my driving style was such that I turned the car very early in the bend. That means: me I tried to position the car in the direction of the exit of the bend so that I could accelerate again very quickly, “he recalls.

DTM 2011: Hankook becomes the new tire supplier

The two-time champion continues: “That worked at Dunlop and was always a problem for me at Hankook, because the lateral grip of the Hankook tire just didn’t hold up as it did with the Dunlop tire. That means: I always had the moment , where I had lost the car shortly before exiting the curve and had another lob. “

Timo Scheider: If everything doesn’t fit, then …

The then new Hankook tires were viewed by the DTM field after the opening weekend in 2011 in Hockenheim as more consistent compared to the Dunlop tires. They also apparently gave the drivers more feedback. But in the end Scheider had to struggle with the properties of the new standard tires.

As early as 2010, when Dunlop introduced a new generation of tires, the then reigning double champion could no longer fight for the championship. But in that year the Audi driver at the time achieved one victory and four podiums.

Timo Scheider (here in Valencia 2011) was rarely ahead of all the competition Zoom on Hankooks

In the full six years that followed, in which Scheider rode on Hankook tires until he retired from the DTM, there was only one victory and three podium places. “Then one or two years are suddenly over and theoretically you can maybe drive a car fast, but for certain reasons you can’t do it”, Scheider thinks back to the difficult change.

Scheider therefore comes to the following conclusion: “If the feeling of well-being is not 100 percent, if it is not your driving style, your set-up is not in combination with the tires … If you do not feel something, then you bring them 100 percent not and there will be no results. ” And so it could catch one or the other driver cold again in 2022 if the DTM really changes its tire partner.

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