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NTS and MV Agusta benefit immediately

(Motorinformed.com) – Before the race weekend in France, the Grand Prix Commission announced several changes to the technical regulations for the Moto2 class. NTS and MV Agusta are allowed to use “new” material. Changes to the homologation of the performance parts as well as new guidelines for private test drives by the chassis manufacturers.

The Grand Prix Commission changes details in the Moto2 regulations

Review: When the coronavirus pandemic broke out in spring 2020, measures were taken to reduce costs in the motorcycle world championship. The specification of Moto2 motorcycles has been frozen. Since it was not possible to run a complete calendar, material can also be used in 2021.

NTS and MV Agusta contested the first race of the 2020 season (in Qatar) with their 2019 specification. When the technical status of the motorcycles for 2020 and 2021 was frozen, these two chassis manufacturers were forced to continue with 2019 material.

That turned out to be a disadvantage compared to Kalex and Boscoscuro (Speed ​​Up). Therefore, the Grand Prix Commission has now reacted and approved the following exceptions for NTS and MV Agusta:

From now on NTS can use the front fender and the fairing of the year 2020.

MV Agusta is now allowed to use the front fender, fairing, seat and swing arm as developed for 2020.

MV Agusta has collected four championship points so far, NTS still has no zoom

For the year 2022, the Grand Prix Commission decided on further measures to reduce costs. The following parts are considered performance parts for 2022 and must be homologated: Chassis, swing arm, fairing and front fender.

Every manufacturer is allowed to upgrade these listed performance parts in the course of 2022. The specifications approved in 2021 are also approved and permitted in 2022 and beyond.

The MotoGP “Concession” system is now being adopted for Moto2 in a modified form. If a chassis manufacturer has not achieved a podium position in the past two seasons, it can either update the front fender and trim or the chassis and swing arm during the season.

In addition, the request of all chassis manufacturers regarding test restrictions was given in to. You can complete two private test days with your test drivers in 2021. From next year they can test without restriction with drivers who do not have a contract in the world championship.

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