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GP Bikes: Indie motorcycle simulation as Steam Early Access version

(MST / – PiBoSo has been developing GP bikes since 2008. Over the years the motorcycle simulation has been continuously improved, problems eliminated and innovations added. So far this year three versions have been released, the last of which was Beta 20 and Beta 20b in December. At the same time as Beta 20, the independent motorcycle simulation is now also available as an Early Access game on Steam.

GP Bikes are now also available in the Steam Early Access program

The price is 20.99 EUR and is thus lower than on the official website, where a 562 MB demo that invites you to play can still be downloaded and activated for the full version for 27 EUR.

In terms of content, there are now three race tracks – Victoria Circuit, Assen 2005 and Adriatic Circuit – as well as the 140 HP Schwaben M2 2018 bike and an appealing motorcycle simulation without AI opponents and career mode.

GP Bikes – Beta 20b Changelog:
fix: connection crash
fix: dedicated server crash when the replay is enabled
fix: cameras when loading a replay
fix: pitch setting in VR
fix: rider and riding style of saved trainers

GP Bikes – Beta 20 Changelog:
fix: custom layout objects collisions
fix: bike stands in the mods folder
fix: support for more than two controllers with the same name
fix: dedicated server replays
fix: track paint in dedicated servers
fix: rider dangling leg animation
fix: user interface lists sorting
new: steer damper garage setting
new: stability helper
new: track marker
new: widescreen user interface
new: contacts list in replay
new: option to enable the environment sounds in the pit
new: servers list filters
new: replay interface redesign
new: user interface pull-downs search box
new: repetitions when keeping a user interface button pressed
new: updated pitboard model

GP Bikes – Beta 19b changelog:
fix: suspensions length in loaded replays
fix: support for multiple controllers with the same name
fix: alpha textures mipmaps generation
fix: sound sources muted at distance
fix: transition between heading and lookback animations

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