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“Doesn’t feel natural”

(Motorinformed.com) – Marcel Schrötter has been the only German regular driver in the motorcycle world championship since the 2020 season. Since Schrötter has been the clear focus from a German point of view, things are no longer going smoothly for the now 28-year-old Landsberger. While Schrötter made it onto the podium three times in the 2019 season and started from pole three times, he was not able to finish a single race in the top 3 in the past season.

Marcel Schrötter is looking for a better feel for Dunlop’s latest tire options

Fifth place was the best result of the Moto2 season in 2021, which Schrötter finished in tenth place in the World Championship. Especially on one lap, the Intact driver had great problems building on the results from the past. Schrötter often had to fight his way forward in the races.

“There is no direct reason, or we won’t find it. Otherwise it would be easier to solve the problems,” commented Schrötter in an interview with ‘Motorinformed.com’ on the mixed season this year.

Dunlop’s new tires make Intact smokers

“There are a lot of little things that clearly have to do with changing the tires. That sounds stupid and is just an old story, but since the tires came on, I just can’t handle it anymore,” explains the German. “It doesn’t matter what you try, the motorcycle just doesn’t feel natural to me at the moment – for the past two years, I’ll say.”

Dunlop developed a new zoom rear tire for the Triumph engine

“I try a lot of things in terms of driving style and listen to advice from outside. I try to do better. Then you took a step forward, but then in the next race you take two steps backwards. That’s the difficult thing about the Makes the season so complicated in the head, “admits Schrötter.

“If you really try, do and do, rearrange and try, then sometimes you even get positive things out of it. Then you think, now we have made it, that was now something good. Then the motivation is huge again for the weekend and on once again everything is two steps worse. That has now been the case for the past one or two years, “says the Intact pilot looking back.

Mixed qualifying sessions make the races more difficult

“I can only say that for me it is not really riding a motorcycle, but controlling. So what should I do, what should I try to avoid these problems?” Asks Schrötter and adds: “You drive there of course not entirely free. We are simply not fast enough. That’s the point, I’m just not fast enough. “

Podiums are mostly unrealistic from the fifth or sixth row on the grid. Zoom

“That’s why my qualifying tends to be worse, but most of the races didn’t go that wrong. You don’t always see that when you’re only ninth or eleventh. But when you start from 19th or 20th place, as at the beginning of the year, then there were already a lot of races in which you don’t have to hide “, Schrötter tries to see the positive aspects.

“But we are just too slow, then we have the problems and are somewhere behind in the race. A result will never come of it,” knows the Moto2 veteran, who will compete in his tenth season in the middle category in 2022.

Two setbacks followed on poles and podium places

The problems with the tires began two and a half years ago. “We had an amazing performance at the beginning of 2019. First race, pole position, podium, then again pole position, podium. I was on pole position and second in the first three races, so I had the feeling that I could do everything” , recalls Schrötter.

“As a team, we were very well prepared, even with the new engine and all the trimmings. That is also part of it. But there are also the other teams, but we were very well positioned and I just felt comfortable. Then that was it fourth or fifth race, then came the new rear tire “, looks back Schrötter, who had to deal with another setback.

No feeling: Marcel Schrötter cannot go to his own limit Zoom

“At the same time I broke my foot. The first weekend in Jerez I drove with the new rear tire with a broken foot. That was the first hole, but I qualified fourth and scored a few points in the race. Then it worked everything was a bit loose, I was injured and there was the new tire, “said the German.

“Then there were one or two races that weren’t that bad with sixth place – at Le Mans, I think, with a freshly operated foot. Then it got worse and worse. One thing led to another and we slipped Top 5 and were suddenly only in sixth or seventh position, “reports Schrötter.

Another injury throws back Schrötter

“Then we had to risk so much to get into Q2 at all,” recalls the motorcycle professional. “Then there was Misano, where I flew off with the Highsider because I risked everything. Then there was the broken collarbone, because of which I was out for two weeks. Then I came back and the whole thing dragged on a bit. “

After the new rear tire, Dunlop also supplied a new front tire. “The new front tire 2020 was rather positive for me at first, because I had the feeling that I had a better balance. But we weren’t any faster either. Since then we’ve been stuck in an uncertain hole. in which direction it is going “, regrets Schrötter.

The successes at the beginning of the 2019 season are history. In summer 2020 Schrötter stood on the podium for the last time so far. Can Germans still drive freely or do they drive cramped due to the setbacks?

“That is definitely the case because it always worked purely on the basis of gut instinct. You try to do things better and look for what could be the cause. You just keep trying something and thinking about it,” notes Schrötter.

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